Explore the Gadget of 2020 - Face Tracking Phone Mount

Explore the Gadget of 2020 - Face Tracking Phone Mount

Explore the Gadget of 2020 -  Face Tracking Phone Mount
Explore the Gadget of 2020 - Face Tracking Phone Mount

SelfieXpro – Does It Really Track Your Motion?

Gone are the days when a cameraperson was needed to move along with you for making videos. Technology has brought in some awesome innovation in the field of video-making that has glittered the eyes of creative people who had a dream to hit social media platforms via interactive content, specifically videos. In the same context, we are here with a revolution- SelfieXPro, a smart AI-enabled camera holder that tracks and captures your motion smartly.

What is a 360 phone mount?


A 360 phone mount is a smart, AI-enabled device that identifies an object or your face and track movements in a 360 motion. The device makes your smartphone a bit smarter so that you won’t need a guy to hold your phone every time you are thinking of creating a video. 

How does SelfieXPro work?

The process is quite simple:


  • Download and install the Apai Genie app on your smartphone. 
  • Mount your smartphone on the device, connect both via Bluetooth, open the app, and power on the device. 
  • Select modes from the screen and you are good-to-go.
  • This smart AI-enabled device will start shooting your video by tracking your movement. Now you can shoot videos while cooking, dancing, or juggling. Move anywhere without any concern. 


Product features- a glance!


  • The device can hold your smartphone in two ways, i.e. vertically and horizontally.
  • It is available in two variants i.e. White and Black.
  • Great Design and Quality. Silicon makes it light and durable.
  • Works on AA size silicon batteries- no hustle.
  • Switch on the face tracking mode of the Appai Genie app, pose and wait for 3 seconds. It will automatically record videos and will capture photos.
  • Activate the ‘Pair Mode’ where all you have to do is to draw two faces together and your smart device will take a snapshot.


How could SelfieXpro be a saviour for you?

Just imagine you are on your morning walk or in your bed at midnight and suddenly get struck with an amazing idea! Imagine the valuable time you will waste for creating the setup! With this smartphone mount, create captivating videos and shoot amazing panoramas anytime, anyplace, anywhere! However, there are some other significant facts that you can’t imagine as you might not know them. It is time for enlightening ourselves:


  1. Video cost: According to a US website and their research, the cost of making a video is the biggest hindrance. It includes camera cost, crew cost, lightning equipment, and so other tools. An average of 1 to 2 minutes video could easily cost you approx. $25000, well…that’s hugeeee!!!

  2. Video expertise: Using software for stitching videos, giving them effects, transitions, adding music, etc. all fall into the technical bucket. But creating an amazing video is something that should not be a ‘hard-to-do’ thing for anyone. Thanks to SelfieXPro.

  3. Time factor: From making a captivate video to editing it, the entire process consumes and needs a good time. SelfieXPro device will manage your time with its amazing intelligence.


Here, the device, SelfieXpro can save everything. From time to cost and to those late-coming mates, it’s a one place solution for your every problem. Wanna know how? Here we go:


  • Now no need to wait for a helping hand, just connect your smartphone with the mount and you are good to go.

  • Create captivating videos with the freedom to move anywhere. Don’t worry it will get you!

  • What does a smart and intelligent videographer need? A smart and intelligent face tracking phone mount.

  • Creating impactful videos doesn't need smartphones. It needs a device better than a smartphone and SelfieXPro has everything that it takes to deliver.


With SelfiXpro, take the smartness of your smartphone beyond expectations and enjoy the freedom- freedom from heavy cost, freedom from expensive tools, and freedom from dependency on someone else.

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