Who should buy the Auto Tracking Phone Mount?

Who should buy the Auto Tracking Phone Mount?

Who should buy the Auto Tracking Phone Mount?
Who should buy the Auto Tracking Phone Mount?

Time to get rid of Selfies!

 Are you thinking of starting Vlog or making some TikTok videos? Are you a food blogger or travel blogger? Do you have amazing dance skills or want to make some singing videos? Are you a Rockstar or a group-performer? In anyways, one thing that you must have is- SelfieXpro, a smartphone mount for a smart vlogger to make captivated videos!


Let’s have a glance on the device features:

What’s this device and what does it do?

The smartphones and cameras have enabled all of us to capture our most precious moments & creativities quite conveniently in recent times. The day-to-day changes in life are recorded through still and motion photography.

However, since the technology undergoes progress & modifications with time, the process of capturing precious moments also changes, thereby making the photographers requiring more and more developments and modifications of new photo products.

This has been contemplated more often in the present scenario that the photos captured are becoming more and more distinctive & unique. Bigger frame, the inclusion of all pretty poses, taking pictures from all angles and making the most beautiful ourselves.

Now that is where the problem comes into the picture – for Single pictures, either the camera is too close or the Selfie Stick photobombs the most vibrant pictures making them dull or improper positioning during video shoots; while the group pictures during a family get – together or on trips with the close-ones becomes dissuasive.

So, to resolve all such predicaments, the
Auto – tracking phone mount comes very handy. It comes with 360° face tracker that lets you avoid the human errors during a photo/video shoot for all the creativities. This 360° video shooting device facilitates user to shoot amazing panoramic videos.

Characteristic Attractions:

  • It allows complete use of device hands-free. 
  • AI-enabled smartphone holder will sweep you through with its smartness. 
  • Easy Installation and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Face tracking features so, place at a place and feel free to move.
  • Support different modes for making a video or taking a picture.

This smart technology empowers you to capture and recognise faces through its Smart 360° face tracker –the face following phone-mount thereby giving a whole new definition to high tech video shooting, Live Broadcast, Vlog Shooting and much more.


Device Compatibility:

Notwithstanding the good features of the phone mount, the users always raise a concern regarding the compatibility of the device with various operating systems. So Yes! The good news is that the device is compatible with all operating systems, including iPhone iOS 10.0 & later and Android 8.1 & later.


Where can you buy this device?

The device is available on various e-commerce as well as its official website (link). There are various offers and easy return policy. But trust on this, you gonna love this device and won’t be ready to return it!


How does it work?

In order to use this device, all you have to do is to install Apai Genie App available on App Store and Play Store. After installing the app, you need to place the phone in the mount, start the app and phone’s Bluetooth, and switch on the device. Your device is ready to rock. now you can enjoy the different picture and video-making modes of the App while the device will have your back.


Light & Portable

The Phone Mount is ergonomically designed to operate, drive and handle. It can be taken anywhere you go and be used when needed. Available in Silicon body makes it light and comfy and its price saves a tremendous cost of video making. It can also save a lot of efforts as you don’t need to wait for a cameraperson who can handle your phone. 


360° Face Tracking Movement

This is the most revolutionary and intelligent detail of the product that gives more power to you for capturing all your activities while being hands-free and in the most unique way possible. 



In this phone mount device review, we did all the research of the concerned product for you. We wished to acquaint you with all the features and benefits of the same and we hope that we have succeeded in helping you make a buying decision. We went over the main benefits as well as some cons. If you are someone who wants to capture all those precious memories, then we suggest you getting the Phone Mount, unless you want to spend bucks or get someone to do it for you.


It's time to get rid of your selfie!


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