1-Does SelfieXpro™ require any charging or power source?

No, SelfieXpro™ is a gadget that has no strings attached. It works on 3*1.5V Alkaline dry batteries. These batteries are easily available in the market. We do not ship batteries with the package as it does not imply with custom clearance norms. These batteries are inserted in the slot at the bottom of the device. 
2- Can SelfieXpro™ be mounted on a tripod?

Yes, SelfieXpro™ is designed keeping in mind all the videography and photography aspects. It can be easily mounted on a tripod. All you need is a tripod with a 1/4" thread. can order a tripod from our store as well. 
3- Does SelfieXpro™ requires any application to work?

Yes, SelfieXpro™ is works seamlessly with application named :APAI GENIE. All you need, is a compatible smartphone which meets the minimum configuration requirements: iPhone 5s or above with iOS 10.0 or higherAndroid phones with Android version 6.0 or higher. You can download the app in the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store or search for apai genie.
4-Does SelfieXpro™ drains phone battery?

No, SelfieXpro™ is a smart gadget that does not drain your phone battery. It only requires Bluetooth connection with application Apai-Genie and you are ready to shoot. Therefore, no chance of extra battery drainage.
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